In BATTERY BLASTER, you're the incarnation of the most POWERFULL and BADASS war machine in the world.

With INSANE weapons such as :

But, there is a main issue. Your battery can't follow such POWER.
As a consequence, you will be soon very low...

Once your're low, you can't use any of your skills (weapons & dash).

Fortunately, you have your AWESOME DYNAMO charger to get your full power back.

Manage your energy to kill your enemies, survive and fufil your duty. However, be careful when you are using the dynamo, because you can't do anything else.

Your mission

"Hello my friend. There is a very bad guy in this base. Please look for him and kicks his nuts...
Oh, before I forget, you won't be able to damage him until you destroy the 3 energetic pillars that power his shield."

In order to kill this very bad guy, you have to destroy three pillars that protect him.

While these objectives are up, you can't damage him, and he's going to follow you through the base. You better hurry, because he's not joking at all!

Each room have a specific color, corresponding to the color of the objectives.

Once you destroy the three objectives, the bad guy is now vulnerable! It's time to kick his ass out of here!

But he's a coward! Because he is vulnerable, he will return to his room, the yellow one. You have to find him in this room, and beat him.


Movement: Z/Q/S/D or W/A/S/D (tune it in the input before launch the game if you download it)

Weapons: Right Click - Left Click - Space bar

Battery Appliance: 1 - 3

Dash: Left Shift

Have fun, and destroy everything!



Cibernetica - Bombs Guns And Ammunition

Audio (

JavierZumer - retro shot blaster

bubaproducer - Laser Shot Silenced

marcuslee - Laser Wrath 4

SpiceProgram - Loading Sound

jmayoff - Laser

qubodup - Launching/Shooting Propelled Grenade

ErikH2000 - stomps robot walk.wav

qubodup - Power Up Charge [Remix of LegoLunatic's Charged laser 151243]

qubodup - Rocket Boost Engine Loop.wav

Capashen - whoosh sci fi.wav


(Picked from these site but modified a bit. Similarities can be found, that's why we quote)


01/08/2017 - 13h00: Upload new versions (WEBGL & zip) which handle QWERTY or AZERTY input.
Associated commit on github:

03/08/2017 - 01h15: Fix boss stuck on doors & ennemy spawn out of room (which can cause a bug when u're stuck in the room because you can't destroy all of them). Commit:


Download 25 MB

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